Brew your own Beer!

Brew your own Beer!

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Since 1991, Better Bitters has quickly developed a reputation as a lively, friendly gathering place for local beer and wine enthusiasts. The accumulation of a diversified product line, partnered with superior service, has established a loyal following in the surrounding region.

John Romano, owner of Better Bitters, never fails to impress patrons with his unending supply of product knowledge, anecdotes and advice as he scurries around the premises making sure all of his customers are well attended to.

As well as a diversified product line, Better Bitters combines three facets of the industry - beer making, winemaking and a retail component offering all of the supplies necessary for brewing at home. Exclusive product lines also contribute to the integrity that John has fought hard to maintain. He is one of the few to source ice wine juice, a hard commodity to come by. With his facility's sophisticated filtering system, sterilization, storage and work space, 80% of his customers opt for on - site wine or beermaking where all results are guaranteed without the mess of making it at home.